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At a glance, Story City is a very unique name for a group with a exceptional sound. The original idea for the record was comprised in 2008 by drummer Steve Jennings, joined with the capable minds and gifted musicianship of bassist Terry Burn with Metheny alumni and co-producer Steve Roby “Time and Materials” was born. As a matter of fact, this record is conceptually fresh, challenging and overall a very interesting to listen too. The compositions here encompass an intricate spectrum of voicing’s, and the ensemble’s interplay is absolutely supreme. If you love fusion bond together with it’s cousin contemporary jazz this recording is for you. —Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Story City, TIME and MATERIALS

Story City -][- TIME and MATERIALMp3– [Story City Music, 2012] –

Story City began their musical journey in 2008 when Steve Jennings brought saxophonist Andrew Schwandt, keyboardist Fred Goetz and guitarist Karl Koopman together to learn some very challenging fusion jazz composed by Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, and Don Grolnick among others. Just for the fun of it; just for the love of it.

The commitment and accomplished skill of these musicians led to greatly satisfying sessions. However it was their sharing of influences, mutual respect of this music and BBQ cuisine that convinced Jennings to establish Story City (named after the Iowa town where his great-great grandparents settled in 1870).

It was this group that bassist composer Terry Burns joined in 2010, resulting in a new exploration of the group sound and a more active dedication to original music. After a few keyboardist changes, in 2011 the group was thrilled when the talented pianist Sean Turner agreed to collaborate with their album project. Currently, Tommy Barbarella is adding his incredibly creative keyboard skills to Story City’s live shows. -[Excerpt | Story City]-

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