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Cory Wong -][- QUARTET – QUINTETMp3– [Cory Wong, 2012 | Review] –

There’s undoubtedly an influx of talented guitarist waiting for the next available opening, and Cory Wong is positively one of them. This multifaceted musician originally from Poughkeepsie, New York is quickly proven to be a worthy honoree of all the accolades that he’s received as a virtuoso and impressive guitarist. In the meantime, this emerging new artist is developing a solid reputation among his peers and music enthusiast alike for being a top-shelve guitarist and likewise an infallible composer in the upper mid-west particularly in the Twin Cities where this accomplished musician is strategically engraving his signature into this massive and musically diverse landscape.

Raised in Minnesota, this ambitious modern jazz guitarist serves up an uncommon web of tasty and adventure music with his debut and double album appropriately titled Quartet | Quintet. In this hodgepodge of sounds produced by Cory, he enlists a cast of the region’s best musicians including: Billy Peterson – bass, Dan Musselman on piano and Zach Schmidt plays drums and cymbals on the first disc “Quartet” which inhabits ten of sixteen compositions scored by Cory Wong.

“Quartet” opens with sudden gust of energy on the tenacious “October Snow,” this fusion driven gem should satisfy the discriminating taste of music lovers in this genre. “Vapors” the next piece is equally compatible to the aforementioned. Artistically Wong’s consummate ensemble generously showcases why this talent cast flexible skills groan with intensity to the tenth power.

The melodic symmetry on “Claire” quietly rests in the heart of soul of the mid-west sound is thoroughly embellished by the ensemble. Wong’s tone sonically shifts and dramatically transforms into an enjoyable selection. As I see it, the momentum of the material reflects Wong’s inventive musical personality as indicted on the rock-flavored “Poughkeepsie” titled after his hometown gradually lifts with assiduous interplay by the band.

After listening to “Pass the Plate,” it appeared to me that Wong is making a dent in the music world with his skilled and mellifluous chording method reminded me way I love guitar playing so much. With three songs in the balance, Cory’s masterful imprint as composer and guitarist resonates with lasting depth and the consequence of his poignant style elevates on the beautiful “In Case of Aurora.”

For a newcomer it’s daring for the illustrious Wong to fiercely use his working band on his debut “Quartet | Quintet.” That being said, I greatly appreciate the variety of tempos, patterns and colors exposed throughout this set he switches modes intelligently with the luminous pulse of “Third Eye.”

At this stage of the game, Wong’s music is clearly expressive he sustains his sound through this open canvas that continues to sonically captivate and exceed the limit with unpolished songs like “Until It Falls.” Furthermore, the closer “Hatch” exhibits his indelible impressions as a composer that ultimately leave a lasting footprint in this thirst quenching body of work.

Perhaps like you, over the years I’ve had the pleasure of listening to numerous debt albums. In fact, some have been enthralling enough to make an invaluable impact and establish a core of new listeners. On the other hand, more often than not a lot along the way unfortunately didn’t make the cut. In this case, guitarist-composer Cory Wong has no problem meeting the challenge without a glitch he’s done an exceptional job of composing, playing and producing this project.

On album two titled “Quintet,” it features six originals that are strikingly similar to “Quartet.” Nonetheless, they’re an added bonus to this outing but feature a slightly different group of musicians [see list below] shaped the pulse of these probing yet energized sounds that are in the vein of jazz fusion which will definitely hold and keep your attention.

Recommended by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Meet the Band:
Disc 1 (Quartet)
Dan Musselman – piano
Billy Peterson – bass
Zach Schmidt – drums and cymbals
Cory Wong – guitars and all compositions

Disc 2 (QUNITET)
Cory Wong – guitar, bass, percussion and keyboards
Kevin Gastonguay – fender Rhodes
Dan Musselman – piano
Zach Schmidt – drums and cymbals

Track Listing:
1) October Snow
2) Vapors
3) Claire (Intro)
4) Claire
5) Poughkeepsie
6) Pass the Plate
7) In Case of Aurora
8) Third Cycle
9) Until it Falls
10) Hatch [End of disc two]
[Total Time: 66:42]
1) Approach
2) The Hunt
3) Whether it Changes or Not
4) Snowstorm
5) 714
6) Retreat [End of disc two]
[Total Time: 68:58]

Produced by Cory Wong – [All compositions written by Cory Wong]

For more information about the Cory Wong, please visit, corywong.com