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Frank Herzberg Trio, HANDMADE

Frank Herzberg Trio -][- HANDMADEMp3– [FHStudio, 2011] –

Handmade Coming to Brazil 14 years ago was a kind of adventure that I expected to last only a couple of years. But private plans and destiny very often do not agree with each other. Now I’m married to my beautiful wife Marta, have three great kids: Stefan, Luisa and Clara, and I have met many marvelous people here. I am lucky to play with many of the very best Brazilian musicians and I’ve been learning a great variety of new musical styles and ways to play.

Zé Eduardo Nazario and Alexandre Zamith became my partners almost 10 years ago and we continue to find opportunities to maintain our musical and personal friendship. I’m very pleased we managed to document some of the artistic material we’ve created during these years. –[Album Notes | CDBaby]-

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