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Amit Friedman Sextet

Amit Friedman Sextet -][- SUNRISE –Mp3– [Origin Records, 2012 | Review] –

Amid the many embolden figures that emerge from within the expansive landscape of music, I’m more often excited to hear new, diverse and palatable voices make his or her debut recording. At this time, the post-millennial adventures of Middle Eastern sounds mingles with astute jazz voicing’s and drifts upon the Eastern shores of America by multifaceted saxophonist Amit Friedman is inventive, energetic and organically fresh debut titled “SUNRISE” on Origin Records.

Amit Friedman’s new album, “SUNRISE” is painted with a wonderful yet poignant tapestry of twelve originals. This remarkable collection is comprised by combining a sophisticated blend of world music soaked, washed and rinse in the tradition of jazz. He brilliantly sculpts these various tones, textures and cohesive strands of classical in this elastic body of mesmerizing music consequently makes his debut a very, very interesting listening experience.

The album opens with the imaginative “SUNRISE,” its melding attributes of this song is erected by Friedman’s skeletal soprano and his melodically adept tonality simply marvels. Meanwhile, the Sextet intervenes with their attentive and complementary interplay which communicates openly with seamless undertones and expressions.

At somewhat opposite ends of the spectrum “Or” at number two spot drips with a haunting improvisational sprawl that pushes the content of this piece beyond the outer limits. This finely crafted tune is instinctively knitted together by Amit, he gently walks a tightrope and without constrain pulls from his classical influences to pen “Ups & Downs.” The interlude begins with symphony of mesmeric yet sublime strings, within a few notes the Sextet’s engaging voices gradually surges forward with tantalizing interplay by the Sextet features a gifted young guitarist name Amos Hoffman. His unheralded timbre is exquisitely played on the “oud” (Arabic guitar).

Sometimes finding the correct words is difficult to describe particular sound, this blissful arrangement is spacious, warm and simply stunning display of quality musicianship. The seductive “Bolero” gracefully manifests as Amit’s inviting and rommy storyline fully embraces the beautiful melodies which features once again Friedman on tenor horn. His gorgeous lyricism and twinned phrasings are mournful, unpredictable yet stimulating.

At this juncture most aficionados would likely embellish the creative, innovative and rousing dexterity displayed by the band on “SUNRISE.” The accompaniment is curiously radiant with unanticipated excitement entangled in the body of rhythmic and hard-driving “The Tales of Hoffman.”

Amit’s composing and arranging skills are noteworthy, on the remainder of the recording his vision chronicles the varied influences that’s inspired him during his journey. He channels his relentless energy to produce a cohesive blend of lively songs and creatively spins these compositions with impressive bop inspired solos that are emotional and dynamic.

“The Archaeologist” pushes the envelope for Amit artistically. As the interlude materializes it swells with breathless pulse of energy and builds this exhilarating piece into a unshakable masterpiece. Note of note, the jam session doesn’t stop here, jazz purist and bopologists alike will absolutely love Friedman’s homage to sax legend Sonny Rollins appropriately titled “Optimism.”

In a nutshell, with each listen this gladden montage of songs unleashed by the Sextet is truly awe-inspiring, livid and impressive. Each tune on this project is like a new exploration, journey and never ending story. The irony of it all, I realize even more now the importance of Amit’s tenure performing with top-shelve musicians in Israel has paid off on this adventurous and enthralling debut “Sunrise.” This comprehensive collection is reason enough to adore and celebrate these finely proportioned arrangements as documents that graciously allow ample time and space for this marvelous Sextet to soar these fascinating compositions beyond expectation.

Recommended by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Meet the Band:
Amit Friedman – tenor, soprano saxophones and flute
Amos Hoffman – oud & guitar
Omir Mor – piano
Gilad Abro – bass
Amir Bresler – drums
Rony Iwryn – percussion

Track Listing:
1) Sunrise
2) Or
3) Ups & Downs Interlude
4) Ups & Downs
5) Bolero
6) The Tales of Hoffman (for Amos)
7) La Refarela
8) The Archaeologist Interlude
9) The Archaeologist
10) Optimism
11) You Must Go
12) Sunrise (with Tamar Eisenman)

Total Time: [62:00]

Produced by Amit Friedman – [All music composed & arranged by Amit Friedman]
For more information about Amit Friedman, please visit www.amitfriedman.com and www.origin-records.com