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Tom Tallitsch, HEAD or TALES

Tom Tallitsch -][- HEAD or TALES –Mp3– [Posi-Tone Records, 2012] –

Tom Tallitsch unleashes a big sound and lets his horn do the talking with “Heads or Tales,” his debut CD for Posi- Tone. Joining Tallitsch on the date is label mate organist Jared Gold, along with the steadfast rhythm section of guitarist Dave Allen and drummer Mark Ferber.

Featuring a program of exciting new compositions, and one tasty Neil Young cover thrown in for good measure, this session flows like a compelling collection of short stories, and will certainly speak volumes to discerning listeners about the quality Tallitsch’s talent as player and as a composer.

With a delicate balance of modernity and classic aesthetics, “Head or Tales” is insightfully straight ahead and refreshingly melodic enough to evoke a wide assortment of bright moments in jazz fans everywhere. -[Posi-Tone]-

::: SOURCE: Posi-Tone Records :::