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Grant Geissman, Bop! Bang! Boom!

Grant Geissman -][- Bop! Bang! Boom! – [Open All Nite Entertainment/Futurism Records, 2012] –

The powerfully eclectic new recording from jazz guitarist Grant Geissman. With special guests Tom Scott, Larry Carlton, Albert Lee, Russell Ferrante, Mike Finnigan, and Van Dyke Parks.

”From loping funk to boogaloo to earthy blues shuffles, with a haunting ballad, a beautiful samba and an urgently swinging post-bop romp thrown into the mix-along with touches of classical, flamenco and zydeco – Grant Geissman covers all the bases with authority on BOP! BANG! BOOM! –Bill Milkowski (from the liner notes).

1. Boom!
2. The Singularity
3. Q Tip (For Quincy Jones), with Tom Scott
4. Un Poco Español, with Russell Ferrante
5. Go To The Window
6. Good Morning, Mr. Phelps, with Russell Ferrante
7. $25 Stella, with Van Dyke Parks And Doug Lacey
8. Texas Shuffle, with Albert Lee And Larry Carlton
9. Samba En Menor
10. Guitarism (For Ron Purcell)
11. Take Yer Time, with Chuck Lorre, Dennis C. Brown And Mike Finnigan
12. Off The Grid, with Tom Scott

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