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Brian BROMBERG, In The Spirit of Jobim

Brian BROMBERG -][- In The Spirit of Jobim –Mp3– [Artistry Music, 2012] –

Brian was born December 5th, 1960 in Tucson, Arizona. He grew up in a family of musicians and artists. His father and brother played the drums. With all that music around the house, and drums all over the place, it was natural for Brian to start playing the drums as well. Brian was two and a half years old, beating up the furniture and banging on anything that didn’t move. After some years of playing and practicing, Brian began his professional career as a drummer at the age of thirteen.

In elementary and Jr.high School, Brian also played the cello. That was one instrument that Brian did not feel very comfortable playing. One day in orchestra class at jr. high, the orchestra director came over to Brian and said, hey Brian, you see that big bass over there in the corner? You know that nobody is playing it. Don’t you want to play that big cool bass over there? You see, the orchestra director had a plan. He thought that having one bad bass player was better then not having one at all. That was his way of getting Brian to stop trying to saw his cello in half! -[Excerpt | Biography]-

Also, lookout for Bromberg Plays Hendrix, scheduled for release on July, 17th!

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