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Masta Conga & his new Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, LAST ODYSSEY

Masta Conga & his new Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra -][- LAST ODYSSEY -[Ubiquity, 2012] –

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra’s 2012 album, Last Odyssey, finds the French band in fine form, creating music with Jazz as it’s foundation laced with strains of Ethio and Nigerian Funk combined with Latin Percussion and rhythms.

By taking the heaviest elements from each genre and distilling it down to it’s most potent form, the band’s true identity is revealed and sets them apart from their influences. -[Editorial Review]-

1. Petrof Sublimation
2. Onze De France
3. Hip Hop Definition
4. Gibbon s Dub
5. Requiem Pour Un Grooveur
6. Buffet Froid
7. Last Odyssey
8. Dimension 7
9. Harissa
10. Samourai
11. Spoken Wild
12. Sequences
13. Latin Break
14. Acai
15. Freestyle

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