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Music aficionados, I’m positive at some point you’ve heard “Walkin’ in Rhythm, Happy Music and Rock Creek Park.” I’ve enjoyed keyboardist Kevin Toney’s music since his days with The Blackbyrds a cross-over band from D.C. Due to his spiritual transformation, as a composer Toney clearly approaches his compositions with more distinct lyricism that’s mature, captivating and sophisticated artistically. “NEW AMERICAN SUITE” is the latest in his current trilogy of recordings encompasses a cluster of sublime moods, textures and intricate melodies I sure music lovers will adore more and more with repeated spins. –Rob Young | Urban Flux Media


The Kevin Toney 3 -][- NEW AMERICAN SUITE –Mp3– [K-Tone Enterprises, 2012] –

In recent years America has seen a paradigm shift toward the manifestation of real, forward thinking change – especially in the minds of people of faith. Keyboard master and composer Kevin Toney was already in the midst of a personal metamorphosis when these positive changes began to take shape. The fruits of Kevin’s and his country’s evolution are both in beautiful, vibrant evidence on his latest recording, New American Suite. This dynamic music also marks the debut of his new band The Kevin Toney 3: Kevin Toney on piano, Michael Bradford on bass and Chris Coleman on drums.

How sweet the sound…pushing and advancing musical boundaries around.

“When the men’s group at our church had a barbecue at Michael’s house,” Kevin recalls of their origin, “I peeked inside his studio and saw platinum plaques proving he’d worked with everybody from Anita Baker to Deep Purple. We did a few church gigs and secular gigs together, and genuinely clicked. Then when I needed a new drummer, bass great ‘Ready’ Freddie Washington referred Chris who was working with Prince, Stanley Clarke and others. The chemistry was clear between all three of us the very first night. I couldn’t wait for us to work on new music – embracing tradition but with fresh new-found energy. This is a group of brothers that loves God – we play and pray together. To be around musicians that share the same values is extremely important to me. Out of that spiritual evolution came musical reinvention, resulting in ‘KT3’ – a group where each member brings something of equal value to the table.” -[Excerpt | Biography]-

Watch out for Kevin’s solo-piano project “HEART OF GRATITUDE,” also scheduled for release on July 24th.

Kevin Toney 3The Entertainer (Tribute To Scott Joplin)

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