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Human Spirit, DIALOGUE

Human Spirit -][- Live at the Earshot Jazz Festival (DIALOGUE) –Mp3– [Origin Records, 2012 | Review] –

At a glance, this project has eight pliable originals plus the contributors has fourteen albums among them as leaders and sidemen. Human Spirit is the title from a previous album by trumpeter/composer Thomas Marriot, along with his cohorts Mark Taylor and Matt Jorgensen serve up an engaging brew of bop-influenced modern jazz also features two guest performers Orrin Evans and Essiet Essiet round out the quintet on their latest “Live at the Earshot Jazz Festival” (Dialogue) was recorded two-night engagement at Tula’s Jazz Club in Seattle, WA is currently available on the creative, innovative and eclectic Origin Records.

Dialogue opens with the imaginative and flavorsome “In Unity” composed by the assiduous drum master Matt Jorgensen. In essence, this piece was composed in a way for this virtuous quintet to push the characteristics and boundaries of this gem by expanding their transcendent voices and strategically intertwine them rhythmically with a coherent language and avidity is brilliantly executed.

The quintet’s peerless voices literally exposes the absorbing melodicism chiseled in the body of “Stepford and Son” pen by saxophonist Mark Taylor. Moreover, the cohesive yet optimistic interplay by the ensemble is outlined with a pastiche of ardent melodies explored by inventive composer Thomas Marriott on the picturesque “Reversal of Fortune.”

“Son of Samuel” is another fruitful piece authored by Marriot. The fast and furious tempo on this tune challenges the quicken pace matched by the stellar performance of the quintet features the fervent and exquisite voicing of Orrin Evans on the piano plays with sheer brilliance.

Mark Taylor returns to score another florid piece aptly titled “After Hours,” this bluesy jewel slowly builds to awaken the quintets’ poignant musicality and the result is timeless, complex and vertically intoxicating.

The artistic penmanship of Jorgensen adds another definitive piece to this lively collection titled “Ridgecrest.” The lively West-Coast vibe of the quintet is swinging, groovin’ and outright smokin’. For that reason, this infectious tune glistens with excitement therefore it beckons the players to tap into their natural ability and interject their ingenious solos captures the imagination of the audience.

Theses originals brilliantly crafted songs on “Dialogue” are superb and ripe for jazz enthusiasts to savor with each encounter. Marriot writes the multi-toned and rich textured “148 Lexington” his third and most intriguing composition on the album. Taylor’s articulate and impressive tone on alto is expressive with each riff his heartfelt and sonically controlled sound modules effectively. Once again pianist Orrin Evans mesmerizing touch mushrooms with distinct temperance and intuitive expressions are communicated flawlessly.

“Pelham Gardens” pen by non-other than group leader Thomas Marriot is the closer for this session is solidified by the kindred-spirit of these amazing musicians. As I reexamined the timbre, versatility and range of this incredible recording I’m pleased with the overall performance by this tightly-knitted quintet. If you really love jazz, than I’m sure “Live at the Earshot Jazz Festival” (Dialogue) by the esteemed Human Spirit is equipped with the redeeming qualities to score and play jazz that’s enjoyable with unparalleled proficiency!

Recommended by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Meet the Musicians:
Thomas Marriot – trumpet
Mark Taylor – alto saxophone
Matt Jorgensen – drums
[With special guests]:
Orrin Evans – piano
Essiet Essiet – bass

Track Listing:
1) The Unity (Matt Jorgensen)
2) Stepford and Son (Mark Taylor)
3) Reversal of Fortune (Thomas Marriot)
4) Song for Samuel (Thomas Marriot)
5) After Hours (Mark Taylor)
6) Ridgecrest (Matt Jorgensen)
7) 148 Lexington (Thomas Marriot)
8) Pelham Gardens ((Thomas Marriot))
[Total Time: 69:37]

Produced by Thomas MarriotMark Taylor and Matt Jorgensen – [All compositions are original and written by the producers]

For more information about the Human Spirit, please visit, www.origin-records.com