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Sean Haefeli, RISE

Sean Haefeli -][- RISE –Mp3– [Sean Haefeli, 2012] –

Sean Haefeli is a forward-thinking musician, skilled as a pianist, vocalist, lyricist and composer. His music represents a convergence of sensibilities and aesthetics, as jazz, soul, and poetic lyricism intersect, creating a distinctively modern sound.

Throughout his youth, Sean trained as a classical pianist, and later, a vocalist, while primarily listening to hip-hop and r&b. He continued to navigate seemingly disparate worlds, entering Depaul University as an opera major, and graduating with a degree in English literature. He cultivated an appreciation for a diverse range of poets, and regularly appeared on Chicago’s spoken word scene. After graduation, he immersed himself in jazz and improvisation, working in a range of performance mediums and styles, while further widening his listening sphere. -[Excerpt | Biography]-

Sean Haefeli-keys/vocals, composition/arrangement
Tobias Kaemmerer-trumpet
Raphael Crawford-trombone
Larry Kohut-bass
Greg Artry-drums
Brandon Meeks-bass (Essential)

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