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It wasn’t until recently had the honor to listen too pianist Jessica Williams play for the first time. With that said, her latest recording “SONG OF EARTH” is simply stunning accomplishment for her. In fact, I have a tendency of shying away from solo recordings but I’m reminded with this lovely offering by Williams of the importance of artists recording solo projects. Moreover, I’m still in awe by the fluidity of her compositions, ambient tone and commanding yet graceful dexterity that’s absolutely unparalleled. Maybe it’s because the songs selected for this album where from “live performances” at The Triple Door, Seattle, WA? Perhaps it really doesn’t matter if it’s live or studio, Jessica Williams has more then enough music to get acquainted with. In the meantime, I do challenge listeners to become familiar with the composers warm, complex and distinct voice. –Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Jessica Williams, SONGS OF EARTH

Jessica Williams -][- SONGS OF EARTH –Mp3– [Origin Records, 2012] –

Refusing to declare itself of any genre, Jessica Williams‘ new collection of solo piano works was mostly composed on the spot over several performances at Seattle’s Triple Door. The collection formed itself through Williams’ countless listenings of the raw recordings with the separate pieces becoming a single story in her mind.

It’s a novel written in public and the theme, while oceanic in scope, is musically subtle as the intention of it did not exist during its performance. Containing very few pre-rehearsed lines – a stellar rendition of John Coltrane’s “To Be” and sketches of two original works – it exists only for the symphonic nature of the solo piano. -[Origin Records]-

Recorded on a Steinway Model ?D? Grand Piano Selections chosen from live solo performances, 2009-2011 at The Triple Door, Seattle, WA

::: SOURCE: Origin Arts.com :::