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Stephane Wrembel, ORIGINS

Stephane Wrembel -][- ORIGINS –Mp3– [Water Is Life Records, 2012] –

French-born, New York-based composer/guitarist Stephane Wrembel has released one of the great instrumental albums of the past decade. “Origins” finds the guitar virtuoso at the top of his form, leading his band and the listeners through a journey from the Gypsy Camps of France guided by the towering presense of hero Django Reinhardt, to the Arabian Desert, to the smokey jazz clubs that once were blessed by the magistery of Coltrane, to the psychedelic shores of Pink Floyd.

All originals, Wrembel weaves his many influences in these 14 tunes into a fresh sound all his own. Finding that perfect blend between composition and improvisation is the hallmark of great jazz and other instrumental forms, and Wrembel and his mates have found that on this album. These guys can flat out play. –Hasjman | Customer Review | Amazon

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