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With “MONOSUITE” composer Jürgen Friedrich redefines the marriage of jazz and classical music, his concept is nothing however it’s sheer brilliance to align perfectly the angular symmetry, harmonics and frame the intricacies of these idioms into a chamber of improvisation is simply a masterpiece to behold. –Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Jürgen Friedrich, Monosuite

Jürgen Friedrich -][- MONOSUITE – (For String Orchestra and Improvisers) –Mp3– [Pirouet, 2012] –

Monosuite – that’s what this fascinating work with its sparkling, shimmering sounds is called – music that bursts out in a powerful, clear tonal stream. The listener is immediately pulled into a maelstrom of undiscovered beauty.

This is music for a 22 piece string orchestra and four masterful soloists from the contemporary world of jazz. These great musicians interact with the Sequenza String Orchestra in lively, elastic, and amazingly organic piece of jazz artistry – inspired music played with creative discipline. -[Pirouet Records]-

Jürgen Friedrich – composer, conductor
Hayden Chisholm – alto saxophone
Achim Kaufmann – piano
John Hébert – bass
John Hollenbeck – drums

::: SOURCE: Pirouet Records | Two for the Show Media :::