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Michal Urbaniak, FUSION III

Michal Urbaniak -][ FUSION III –Mp3– [Ubx Records, 2008] –

Very engaging and funky fusion disc from 1975, featuring not only Urbaniak’s soaring gypsy drenched violin but also the other-worldly vocalese of his then-wife Ursula Dudziak (quite an original vocal artist in her own right).

The songs combine a lot of playfully twisty be-bop like melody lines with rip-snorting funk, chiming electric pianos and fiery rock sensibilities, particularly the searing guitars of John Abercrombie (check out the spine-chilling solo on “Metroliner”) and Larry Coryell (who seriously rocks out on “Bloody Kishka”). plus a killer rhythm section of bassist Anthony Jackson with drummers Steve Gadd and Gerry Brown. -[Excerpt | Customer Review | Amazon]-

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