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Juan Galiardo, Juan Galiardo

Juan Galiardo -][- Juan Galiardo –Mp3– [New Steps, 2012] –

Juan Galiardo’s long awaited acoustic jazz quintet album is finally here. This monumental debut album as a leader is a true celebration of Juan’s straight-ahead and modern jazz roots, showcasing his brilliance both as a pianist and composer.

A world-class album with a not less-than-expected world-class lineup of musicians: Jerry Bergonzi (Tenor Sax), Joe Magnarelli (Trumpet), Dave Santoro (Bass), and Andrea Michelutti (Drums). With Juan, they have musically assembled as a trio, quartet, and quintet to deliver present-day renditions of timeless standards and exquisite originals.

Juan has worked with Jerry Bergonzi, Dick Oatts, Joe Magnarelli, Gregory Hutchinson, Reuben Rogers, Mark Withfield, Darren Barrett, Freddie Bryant to name a few. Juan also leads the international R&B/Jazz ensemble “Satya Project” and has produced its widely acclaimed album “Shine a Light” in collaboration with producer/musician Marcos Sainz.

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