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Letizia Gambi, Introducing Letizia Gambi

Letizia Gambi -][- Introducing Letizia Gambi –Mp3– [Jando Music, 2012] –

Born in Naples, south Italy, Letizia grew up in an artistic family. Opera singers, musicians, actors, writers. Her mother started also as singer, her uncle is an Opera’s Tenore and her father, an artist and a Jazz lover. Also her brother Gianpaolo has become an appreciated and talented actor and anchorman. As every big old style Italian family, they spent together all the occasions and holidays performing and singing together, the traditional Neapolitan-Italian repertoire, playing music, dancing, acting and changing what usually would be a normal family gathering into some extraordinary theatre shows with a lot of fun and a professional mood…

This is where Letizia’s passion for arts and talents started to materialize…and soon, everybody realized she was not a regular kid. Even when she was 4, she never played with a rag doll, she spent time painting and creating things with her hands. Early on, her family moved from Naples to Como in the north of Italy and her life started to change. They carried their traditions and all their musical wealth with them… But she learned the meaning of NOSTALGIA. She was forced to exchange the large brightness of the sea for the dark shadows of the lake. The warm and passionate people of the south with a cold, distant, unfriendly new world. This was one of the reasons she bonded more and more with her culture (going whenever she could back to Naples) and why she needed to put her culture into everything she did. -[Excerpt | Biography]-

Lenny White, Ron Carter and Patrice Rushen. Stellar Cast of Jazz Legends featuring Letizia Gambi.

Trailer Introducing vocal sensation Letizia Gambi

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