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Evoke Ensemble, GROOVE FOR PEACE

Evoke Ensemble -][- GROOVE FOR PEACE –Mp3– [Tim Paul Weiner, 2012] –

evoke |iˈvok|
verb [ trans. ]
1. bring or recall to the conscious mind.

The evoke-ensemble performs the music of bassist/composer Tim Paul Weiner. An eclectic, bass driven, musical hybrid steeped in groove and improvisation, inspired by jazz, influenced by film, with flavors running the full musical spectrum from world music, to classical and beyond.

The group’s first release, “Groove for Peace”, has a tentative Fall 2012 release date, and was recorded by Jeff Briggette at Sonic Disorder studio.

The album features:
Lennie Peterson, trombone
Mark Campbell, guitars
Tim Butterworth, keyboards
Jason Kenyon, drum set
Tim Paul Weiner, bass and tunes

with special guests:
Nadjim Kebir, percussion
Orie Furuta, violin
Aubrey Logan, voice
Boujemma Razgui, voice

::: SOURCE: evoke-ensemble.com/live :::