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Bill Anschell, Brent Jensen and Chris Symer, BLUEPRINTS

Bill Anschell, Brent Jensen and Chris Symer -][- BLUEPRINTS –Mp3– [Origin Records, 2012] –

As a follow-up to their lauded duo recording, “We Couldn’t Agree More,” soprano saxophonist Brent Jensen and pianist Bill Anschell decided to enhance their tonal palette, eliciting help from bassist Chris Symer as they explore a set of jazz standards with an uninhibited, free-wheeling interplay. Reminiscent of the great duo and trio recordings of Lee Konitz, Jimmy Giuffre and the like, their in-the-moment creations are singular and timeless. “We Couldn’t Agree More” consistently throws sparks at the listener and comes with about as high a recommendation as I can give an album.? – Chris Robinson, Earshot Jazz.

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