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Derrick Alan McCall came to Los Angeles from Baltimore, Maryland looking for new inspirations and expectations of life. Artists before him have said; “A painting is an expression of a thousand words” and “art is an imitation of life. “For Derrick his portfolio is just that. At an early age he began using simple materials to express his artistic self. His parents encouraged this and allowed Derrick to pursue this “new art form” with simple media such as newspaper, plaster and paints watching him create unusual sculptures in various shapes and sizes. To this day, Derrick continues to sculpt these imaginative creations. From teeny tiny bugs, to birds of various types and gargantuan shapes in the forms of crocodiles, tigers and dinosaurs some standing 10-feet tall. -[Biography | Grandpas Art]-

Derrick McCall | THE MUSICAL UNDERDOG | Original Acrylic on Canvas


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