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James Falzone, Klang: Brooklyn Lines . . . Chicago Spaces

James Falzone -][- Klang: Brooklyn Lines . . . Chicago Spaces –Mp3– [Allos Musica, 2012] –

There is a great musician in New York who has as his bio three words: blah blah blah. Inside this sarcasm there is wisdom, the recognition that describing the work of a musical artist in a couple hundred words is about as easy as picking up mercury. And yet it must be done.

James Falzone, like many musicians of his generation, has a varied and complex career touching equally on areas of performance, composition, and teaching. His music does not fall easily into a prescribed genre and he is rather difficult to categorize. In a day when so much music is neatly packaged for easy consumption, James’ wide interests and experience is something to celebrate.

What follows is a rather lengthy (but enjoyable to read we hope) narrative on the work of James, presented in the form of an interview. The point here is to present a deeper sense of who James is and how all the music making he is involved in ties together. -[Excerpt | Biography]-

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