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Laura Andrea Leguía, Saxofón Criollo

Laura Andrea Leguía -][- Saxofón Criollo – [Saponegro Records, 2012] –

From the dreamy heat of the Vals Criollo to the aching beauty of the Landó and the brisk beauty of the Festejo and the swagger of the Polca Criollo the two instruments seem breathtakingly entwined as the gorgeous music of Saxofón Criollo unfolds. Leguía’s extraordinary technique and style shimmers with singular splendour. Her sliding cadences evoke the poetic vocalastics of the legendary Chabuca Grande. This is especially true as Leguía explores the middle and lower registers of the soprano saxophone. Leguía has a genius for soft timbres and a spectacular range of colours and shades. This is most deeply felt in the hypnotic instrumental version of her Leguía’s composition “Eva” towards the end of the record. Adding to the warmth and colour is guitarist Yuri Juarez who with deft flourishes of fingers and ingenious harmonics contributes much to the music’s artistry, while bassist Pablo Menares also adds subtle shades with wonderful melodic inventions and ingenious double stops. -[Expert Music Review by Raul da Gama of Latinjazznet]-

Laura Andrea Leguía “Tarde o Temprano” from Saxofón Criollo, live in Lima PERU

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