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Julia Huff -][- Meet…. Julia Huff –Mp3– [Julia Huff, 2012] –

Julia Huff, Songstress/Actress and Model, is an outstanding talent with an exuberant personality to match. Julia is a startling beauty with a curvaceous figure at 5’-7” with medium brown hair and light-brown eyes. Julia has displayed her artistry as a Jazz Singer, Fashion Model, Actress and Rhythm & Blues Singer throughout the United States.

Julia’s venture into the entertainment world began long ago, when she was only five (5) years old at her kindergarten graduation, singing gleefully her rendition of “We’ve Only Just Begun.” Later while Julia was in grammar school, she auditioned for and was accepted into the prestigious “Gospel/Soul Children of Chicago, Illinois”, which by the way has an illustrious history and is well known throughout the United States and Europe as being one of America’s premiere children’s choirs.

After grammar school, Julia enrolled at Mother McAuley High School, where she was featured in several musicals, like “Oklahoma,” and “No, No Nannette.” After graduating from high school, Julia attended the University of Illinois at Urbana. While at the University of Illinois, Julia successfully produced two major musicals; however, Julia stayed true to her educational commitment and ultimately received a Bachelor of Science Degree in “Broadcast Journalism.” Photobucket – Video and Image HostingJulia was immediately hired for several years as an on-air news reporter for an NBC affiliate in Champaign, Illinois. She was later hired at City News Bureau of Chicago as a print reporter, covering a variety of topics, interviewing any prestigious personalities like the late United States Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown, First Lady Hillary Clinton, and former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson. In early 2001, Julia experienced once again a burning desire for her roots in music so she left the demands of the news desk to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a mega star in the entertainment industry.

In just a short time, Julia has obtained an impressive chain of entertainment accomplishments that have only tipped the iceberg in her quest for super-stardom. Julia has masterfully honed her vocal skills to extreme heights and has been compared to musical starlets like Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, Carmen McRae, and even Tina Turner and Gladys Knight. Julia has garnered respect as a musical vocalist and audiences who have had the opportunity to hear her sing, have expressed. -[Excerpt Biography]-

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