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Ivo Neame, YATRA

Ivo Neame -][- YATRA –Mp3– [Edition Records, 2012] –

Ivo Neame is a musician of immense talent. He has an astute musical intelligence with a natural improvisatory flair that has seen him develop into one of the busiest and most in demand players on the UK scene. With Yatra, his third album and second on Edition, Ivo Neame has taken control of his own destiny and produced an album that will not only impress but look to propel Neame’s career onto a new trajectory. He has pushed himself further than in any of his previous releases; as a pianist, mulit-instrumentalist, composer and bandleader. Written in a very creative time, between periods of intense touring, Yatra is his most defining and original work to date performed with such an idiosyncratic style by one of the classiest bands in the UK.

There is nothing complacent about Neame’s approach to music. He’s always searching for more, developing ideas and intent on taking the listener on a journey. Since releasing his debut piano trio album Swirls and Eddie’s in 2008, he expanded in 2009 with the addition of Jim Hart on his Edition debut Caught in the Light of Day and now three years down the line, he’s expanded further encorporating additional woodwind, allowing him to showcase his arranging and compositional skills. Yatra, meaning ‘Journey’ in Hindu,’ is symphonic in conception, utilising new spectrums of colour from this vast palette of textures at his disposal, all of which contribute to Neame’s highly individualistic compositional voice.

Yatra is bold, animated and highly developed, finding a fine state of balance between complexity and simplicity, eschewing the predictable so that the listener is forced to engage fully with the music. There are moments of beauty, introspection and humour all delivered with an exuberance only achievable by a band of this quality and class. Yatra is a personal journey of self-discovery for Neame, and one he is very happy to share.

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