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Today’s featured artist Charly Palmer depicts with clarity and humility in this thought-provoking yet prolific painting illustrates the importance for citizens in this country to relentlessly pursue justice through and by casting our vote as individuals this (all) upcoming election. Despite what some estranged political figures and media pundits to the right of the isle have chosen to take the path of deception with their misleading motives, greed, mean spirited and hate filled ideology. Notwithstanding, as Americans regardless of color, religion, or educational background we do have the Constitutional Right to Vote regardless of party affiliation. According to this beloved document, “VOTING IS A RIGHT” NOT A PRIVILEGE as the obstructionists attempt to unashamedly mislead with fragments of fear to permanently derail our precious right as Americans to vote now and future elections. –Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Charly Palmer -][- VOTING LINE -[Giclee
Limited Edition]-

Charly Palmer, Voting Line

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