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Devin Roth -][- CHILDHOOD PLACES –Mp3– [Sandbox Records, 2012] –

West coast Canadian born Devin Roth travels the world seeking adventure and natural vistas of beauty as inspiration for his music. As a composer, pianist and violinist, Devin paints musical landscapes inspired by his experiences which capture the hearts and minds of his listeners. His musical finesse displays a broad pallet of various styles including jazz, classical, rock, Latin and Celtic.

Childhood Places, Devin’s debut album, features compositions inspired by the beautiful landscapes of British Columbia, Canada and the experiences of his adventurous outdoor upbringing in this dramatic geography. His compositions “Okanagan Mountain” and “Kettle River” specifically exemplify his love for the outdoors. As a passionate composer, Devin has created over 200 works for jazz band, jazz orchestra, chamber orchestra, choir and film which span a wide array of genres. -[Excerpt | Biography]-

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