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Greetings jazz enthusiast, as regulars visitors you know I’m always hunting down new, trending and emerging sounds to thrust into the digital hemisphere for you to ponder, embrace and hopefully at some point consider these vibrant artists music worthy to add these gems to your extensive music collection. With that said, I’m pleased to present two emerging new artists trumpeter Melvin Jones and the multifacet Brian Hogans saxophonist/pianist with their debut offerings on Turnaround Records. As time allows, delve into the music of these remarkable young musicians … you want be disappointed. –Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Melvin Jones, PIVOT

Melvin Jones -][- PIVOT –Mp3– [Turnaround Records, 2011] –

Melvin Jones shines as a modern, consummate jazz artist. His unique style, combined with his superb technical facility, crafts an almost hypnotic tone for audiences, seamlessly creating harmonious jazz compositions drawn from diverse musical genres. Jones, described succinctly as “the real deal” by the famed jazz composer and trumpeter Marcus Printup, already has a distinguished and diverse recording catalog, including sessions with Sonny Emory and the late, great Illinois Jacquet. Jones debut solo album, Pivot, to be released on Turnaround Records in April 2011, represents Jones’ first recording as a band leader. ‘Pivot’ combines diverse sounds of many different genres played by some of the premier performers in the industry.” -[Excerpt | Biography]-

The Band: Melvin Jones (Trumpet & Flugelhorn), Mace Hibbard (Alto & Tenor Saxophones), Louis Heriveaux (Piano), Rodney Jordan (Acoustic Bass), Leon Anderson (Drums)
Special Guests: Michael Burton (Alto & Tenor Saxophones), Jeff Bradshaw (Trombone), Brian Hogans (Piano & Fender Rhodes), Terreon Gully (Drum), ‘LilJohn Roberts (Drums)

Brian Hogans, Evidence Of Things To Come

Brian Hogans -][- Evidence of Things to Come –Mp3– [Turnaround Records, 2010] –

Saxophonist/pianist Brian Hogans has one of the most dynamic, exhilarating, and fervent sounds of today’s young jazz artists. Described as “fluid, fiery, yet subtle”, Hogans pushes the creative envelope when composing and playing, setting new artistic limits for fans and musicians alike. Hogans has just released his debut solo album on Turnaround Records, titled Evidence of Things to Come.

Hogans’ background includes a lifetime of playing music. Hailing from Morrow, GA, he has wailed on the saxophone for over 15 years and played the piano since childhood. Hogans describes that “I chose jazz because I loved its rhythms and harmonies, and because it was different. No one around me was listening to or playing jazz at the time.” Hogans was introduced to jazz by his older brother, Lee, who is now a talented R&B/pop trumpet player in his own right. Lighting up the stage today as either a saxophonist or pianist, Hogans has studied under noted jazz masters like Danny Harper, saxophonists Bunky Green, Don Bradan, and Antonio Hart, and the late great pianist James Williams. Honing his skills throughout the years, Brian has studied and played as part of the Steins Institute of Jazz and the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program. -[Excerpt | Biography]-

Personnel: Brian Hogans (Alto and Soprano Saxophones), Aaron Goldberg (Piano), Obed Calvaire (Drums), Luques Curtis (Bass), Alex Wintz (Guitar), Tammy Scheffer (Vocals), Brandee Younger (Harp)

You can also check out two records by label-mate and gifted saxophonist Albert Rivera, I was honored to review his debut “Re-introductionhere at the Urban Flux.

::: SOURCE: Turnaround Records.com :::