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Jaiman Crunk

Jaiman Crunk, ENCOUNTERS

Jaiman Crunk -][- ENCOUNTERS – [Origin Records, 2012 | Review] –

It’s been awhile since I reviewed any new music; although it’s been a challenging experience it was beginning to be more like work then enjoyment. With that said, on my return, I’m pleased to share with you a new artist named Jaiman Crunk. He’s a guitarist/composer who emerges on the music scene with the blossoming fruits of his latest endeavor simply titled “ENCOUNTERS” his debt on Origin Records.

“Encounters” is subsequently a fine collection of eight palpable songs quilted with diverse blend of resonating tones, melodies and rhythms starting with mysterious overtures enmeshed in the body of the jazz influenced “Spuren.” It features a talented cast of seasoned players including the legendary bassist Ron Carter, Bill Anschell on piano and percussionist Kenneth Nash.

The irony of projects of this magnitude you’ll find yourself unexpectedly captivated with the quality of compositions, balance and superb musicianship offered as demonstrated on mid-tempo ramp of “ We’ve Come This Far.” You simply can’t miss the mark artistically when Ernie Watts on tenor invades the space with his unassuming touch eventually raises the bar sonically.

On most recordings these days you shouldn’t be surprised to hear a vocal track added to mix, “Let Me Slip into Your Dreams Tonight” is the near perfect additive being that it features the unrivaled and harmonious vocals of Take 6 also with the gifted drummer Will Calhoun and versatile bassist Brian Bromberg the duo coupled with Crunk colorizes this welcoming tapestry of music.

With my first encounter I couldn’t help but notice Crunk’s unique composing skills yet his complementary guitar style commands your attention is exceptionally warm, fluid and definitely inviting as exhibited on the melodic “Just Questions” which features the extraordinary Andy Narell on steel drums. The remaining selections were crafted effortlessly by Crunk as these gems looms seamlessly to spread the wealth of his tasteful artistry and penmanship as a songwriter and gifted player.

In the abyss of unknown artists that beckons our attention to be discovered I’m sure you’re looking to emerge yourself into a palette of fresh, melodic and challenging music then guitarist Jaiman Crunk has exactly the canvas of songs you’ve been waiting to hear on his latest “Encounters.” –Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

:: Release Dated: 10/16/2012 ::