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Series of Workshops, Panels and Events on January 10-11, 2013
Will Address Important Issues and Trends in the Jazz Community

The Jazz Connect Conference at APAP|NYC 2013, organized by JazzTimes in conjunction with the Jazz Forward Coalition, announced the tentative schedule of events for this gathering of the jazz community. The conference will be held January 10-11, 2013 in New York City and will feed into the annual APAP (Association of Performing Arts Presenters) Conference as well as Winter Jazzfest. The Jazz Connect Conference will feature a series of workshops, panels and events held over the course of two days. Registration is free, but attendees must pre-register by going here to the event site.

The schedule features 12 workshops and four plenary sessions, on topics such as: “The Truth About Jazz Radio”; “Cutting Through the Clutter”; “YouTube, Vimeo & You”; “Produce Yourself”; “The 21st Century Jazz Tour”; “Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & Beyond”; “The New Jazz Mentoring Paradigm”; “Race in Jazz”; “Jazz as a Global Music Phenomenon”; and other timely and engaging subjects. Moderators and panelists include a cross-section of artists and professionals, including Ben Azzara, Brian Bacchus, Gail Boyd, Cecil Brooks III, Michael Cuscuna, Erika Floreska, Lois Gilbert, Peter Gordon, Tom Guralnick, Rika Iino, Willard Jenkins, Matt Jorgensen, Allison Miller, John Moultrie, Wulf Muller, Jon Newcott, Liz Penta, Ross Porter, Al Pryor, Tom Reney, Matt Robertson, Mark Ruffin, Scott Southard, Ed Trefzger, Joe Vella, Emily White, Matt Wilson, Lisa Yancey, Francois Zalacain and others.

The schedule reflects the input from and collaboration with numerous organizations such as JazzWeek (radio programmers), Jazz Education Network, The Checkout/WBGO/NPR and SFMusicTech.com, each of whom host workshops and panels during the conference. “It was important for us to have as many stakeholders in the jazz community at the table as possible,” says Lee Mergner, publisher of JazzTimes and one of the organizers of the conference. “Our goal was to make this conference an inclusive gathering of the diverse elements that comprise the jazz world.”

In addition to incorporating the involvement of various organizations, the sessions also include a wide range of voices in and out of the jazz community. “Every day the music industry is re-invented in small and large ways,” says Peter Gordon, owner of Thirsty Ear Records/Co-founder Jazz Forward Coalition and also a conference organizer. “We are challenged to understand, decipher and implement this blizzard of information. Jazz Connect has made a great effort to bring in broad industry experts to guide jazz artists and professionals through the many choices and possibilities.”

The schedule also includes one open slot for a session topic suggested by the jazz community at large. Interested parties can submit their ideas for a panel or workshop via email to jazzconnectnyc@gmail.com.

The Jazz Connect conference is organized by a committee of industry professionals, including Marty Ashby, Sara Donnelly, Erika Floreska, Peter Gordon and Lee Mergner. The conference has received the support of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters organization, which hosts the world’s leading forum for the performing arts every year in New York City.

For more information about the Jazz Connect conference, you can call 617-315-9154 or email jazzconnectnyc@gmail.com. To pre-register for the conference go to the RSVP page for the event. You can also visit the Facebook event page for updates.

Attendees can get a special discount at the host hotels for the APAP|NYC conference, but must go through the APAP|NYC website.

Here is the Tentative Schedule for JazzConnect Conference at APAP|NYC 2013
Presented by JazzTimes in conjunction with Jazz Forward Coalition

Thursday, January 10

9:00 am – Workshops (3)

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & Beyond (DIY)
Social media experts discuss the basics for effectively utilizing these ever-evolving communication channels
Dick Huey (Toolshed) – moderator
Panelists: Bruce Houghton (Hypebot); Rika Iino (Sozo Media); Patrick Jarenwattanonon (NPR Music); other panelists TBD

The New Jazz Mentoring Paradigm
With road bands becoming more the exception than the rule, today’s younger artists don’t have the same opportunities to apprentice with experienced bandleaders. This session, co-presented by the Jazz Education Network, looks at new ways and means of mentoring, on and off the bandstand.
Willard Jenkins (Open Sky) – moderator
Panelists: Carl Allen (The Juilliard School); Michael Carvin; Martin Mueller (New School);
Matt Wilson

Community Choice
One session topic to be determined by submissions from the community

10:30 am – Workshops (3)

Produce Yourself! (DIY)
Jazz producers and self-produced artists share their secrets for making a good record great.
Jeff Levenson (Half Note) – moderator
Panelists: Brian Bacchus; Cecil Brooks III; Michael Cuscuna (Mosaic Records); Nick Phillips (Concord Records); Francois Zalacain (Sunnyside Records)

Innovations in Technology: Are They Disruptive or Constructive?
Technology is increasingly setting the table for how we distribute, promote and experience music. This insider’s look into the cutting edge technology and trends will illuminate the current platforms of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Session curated by Brian Zisk (SFMusicTech.com)
Panelists TBD

The 21st Century Jazz Tour
What does a jazz tour look like these days and who best to make it happen? This session checks on latest touring realities and considers alternative ways to create and combine engagements in clubs, performing arts centers, and newer DIY spaces. A diverse panel of jazz professionals share their successes and challenges.
Gail Boyd (Gail Boyd Management) – moderator
Panelists: Tom Guralnick (Outpost Productions); Allison Miller; Liz Penta (Emcee Artist Management)
Other panelists TBD

12:00 noon – Plenary Session (Hosted by Jazz Forward Coalition)
Stories of Innovation & Inspiration
Jazz is beyond notes on a page. As a musical genre it inspires, bonds communities, creates a multi-generational language, while providing the world with a little swing in its step. This opening plenary will look at personal stories on how the music has become a catalyst for bringing fresh ideas to the community.
Speakers TBD

1:30 pm – Plenary Panel
Race in Jazz: Starting a different conversation, working toward action
A frank discussion of how and why race remains an issue in and out of the jazz community along with ideas of actions we can take to address the issues.

Erika Floreska (LeoCanto/Tectonic Theater Project) and Lisa Yancey (Yancey Consulting) – co-moderators.
Panelists TBD

Friday, January 11

9:00 am – Workshops (3)

How to Make Your Website Awesome! (DIY)
How could your website be better? Experts in web development talk about new ideas, strategies and structures.
Giovanni Russonello (CapitalBop/JazzTimes) – moderator

Panelists: Ben Azzara; David Dufresne (Bandzoogle); Lois Gilbert (JazzCorner); Matt Jorgensen (Origin Records); Emily White (Whitesmith Entertainment)

The Truth About Jazz Radio (JazzWeek Session 1)
Radio programmers and promoters discuss the value of promoting a release on the radio-including internet radio-and what’s involved in making the effort worthwhile, and also when it’s not worth doing.
Ed Trefzger (JazzWeek) – moderator
Panelists: Nancy Barell; Ross Porter (JAZZ.FM91); Neil Sapper (New World ‘n’ Jazz); other panelists TBD

Cutting through the Clutter: An Interactive Session
A panel of experts from various professional sectors (e.g. magazine, web, record company, radio, etc.) will analyze 4 to 5 projects to see if they are ready for prime time and suggest ways to make them better. We will actively engage jazz community to solicit projects to be evaluated.

Al Pryor (Mack Avenue) – moderator
Panelists TBD

10:30 am – Workshops (3)

YouTube, Vimeo & You (DIY)
Exploring what can be done with video and film on a shoestring budget.
John Newcott (WBGO) – moderator
Panelists: Jimmy Katz; John Moultrie (iRockJazz); Matt Robertson (Relative Way Productions); Joe Vella (Jazz Online)

Jukebox Jury (JazzWeek Session 2)
Panel of radio programmers will play cuts and talk about how they would (or wouldn’t) include the music in their station’s programming.
Derrick Lucas (WGMC) – moderator
Panelists: Tom Reney (WFCR/New England Public Radio); Mark Ruffin (Sirius/XM); other panelists TBD

The Checkout Live
In this on-location taping of the WBGO radio show The Checkout, Josh Jackson interviews two innovators in the jazz community.
Josh Jackson (The Checkout/WBGO) – moderator
Panelists TBD

12:00 noon – Plenary Panel
Jazz as a Global Music Phenomenon
Leaders and innovators in the international jazz market talk about jazz as a global genre.
Scott Southard (International Music Network) – moderator
Panelists: Gary P. Steuer (Chief Cultural Officer, City of Philadelphia); Wulf Muller (All In Music Service); other panelists TBD

1:30 pm – Plenary Session (Hosted by Jazz Forward Coalition)
Everyone has a Voice
Given the mounds of information, ideas and advice presented at Jazz Connect, what do we do with these divergent words and thoughts? This town hall style meeting will hone in on a few ideas, to enable us to move forward and transpose them into action.

Peter Gordon (Thirsty Ear/Jazz Forward Coalition) – moderator
Panelists TBD

7:00 pm – Winter JazzFest at multiple venues in Village

About the Association of Performing Arts Presenters
The Association of Performing Arts Presenters, based in Washington, DC, is the national service and advocacy organization dedicated to developing and supporting a robust performing arts presenting field and the professionals who work within it. As a leader in the field, APAP works to effect change through advocacy, professional development, resource sharing and civic engagement. APAP is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization governed by a volunteer board of directors and led by President & CEO Mario Garcia Durham. In addition to presenting the annual APAP|NYC conference- the world’s leading forum and marketplace for the performing arts (Jan. 11-15, 2013)-APAP continues to be the industry’s leading resource, knowledge and networking destination for the advancement of performing arts presenting.

About the Jazz Forward Coalition
The Jazz Forward Coalition (JFC) is a consortium of industry leaders focused on enhancing jazz’s vitality and cultural relevance for audience development. JFC is focused on developing programs and platforms to support its two central themes of advocacy and infrastructure. By providing a global voice, JFC will cultivate opportunities to motivate growth for current and future generations to expand jazz’s cultural footprint.

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