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Ragan Whiteside, Flutist, Vocalist and Songwriter

Ragan Whiteside, EVOLVE

Ragan Whiteside -][- EVOLVE –Mp3– [Randis Music, 2012] –

Evolve is flutist, vocalist and songwriter Ragan Whiteside’s truly exciting and innovative sophomore CD. Fusing together the coolest elements of contemporary jazz, neo soul and funk, this award winning artist makes an aesthetic statement that marks her evolution as an undeniably talented musical force.

On Evolve, Ragan delivers a 12-track collection of funky grooves, layered with her mesmerizing flute compositions, sexy vocals, slow grooves and ultra-hip melodies. A follow up to her debut CD, Class Axe, which took the Smooth Jazz world by storm and caught the eyes and ears of the esteemed Capital Jazz Festival, the largest jazz festival in the country, the flutist’s latest disc showcases her edginess and creative prowess as a multi-talented artist. It also celebrates her emergence as a versatile and powerful writer, songstress and arranger who hails from Mount Vernon, NY. -[Album Notes | CDBaby]-

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