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Danny Green pianist, composer and educator


Danny Green -][- A THOUSAND WAYS HOME –Mp3– [Tapestry, 2012 | Review]

Occasionally when a new artist appears, they come armed with vivid yet unstrained recipe of melodies, creativity and impressive harmonics accompanied by a stellar cast of possibly unfamiliar musicians to expand their imaginative voice. Most recently San Diego native pianist, composer and educator Danny Green was brought to my attention. With his sophomore recordings titled “A THOUSAND WAYS HOME,” he effortlessly pens an appetizing hodgepodge of thirteen thought-provoking originals on Tapestry records.

The title piece “A THOUSAND WAYS HOME” opens the session with an engaging bounce, symmetry and flawless rhythms wrapped with an infectious samba evolving from within. Meanwhile the ensemble maintains their flawless dexterity by exchanging unswerving solos on a spunky tune appropriately titled “Unwind.”

In my opinion a variety of tempos deepens the fabric of the musical palette, this is very important to me as a listener. Green does so brilliantly by expanding his turf with the next two songs beginning with the posh tones underscored on “Under Night’s Cover” and a vocal piece featuring vocalist Claudia Villela titled “Quintal da Solidao” validates the reason I love this music so much.

As each song spirals forward Mr. Green’s personality beams with winsome appeal and unexpected surprises. Therefore, he challenges your listening space artistically and successfully with songs like “Flight of the Stumble Bee” and the communicative nuances of my favorite “Tranquil Days” amiably extends this superb, tantalizing yet definitive collection of music unveiled by the visionary Danny Green.

The last selection “Running Out of Time” is colored with tasteful animated twists, shades and feverish melodies which reflects the beauty of this remarkable outing by the gifted Danny Green and friends.

With each new recording my initial hope is something out of the ordinary and unique musically transforms by focusing their ideas and thought process through the lens of original compositions. Furthermore, this canvas assembled by Green isn’t totally unique nonetheless as I hear it his overall template offers viable context and emerges with relevant music expressed with original, forward thinking and uplifting ambience of sounds that most listeners will thoroughly enjoy and embrace with enthusiasm. –Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Justin Grinnell – Bass
Julien Canteim – Drums
Tripp Sprague – Soprano and Tenor Saxophones (Trks: 1, 5, 6, 8-10)
Eva Scow – Mandolin (Trks: 2, 6, 12-13)
Chico Pinheiro – Guitar (Trk: 4)
Claudia Villela – Vocals (Trk: 4)
Peter Sprague – Guitar (Trk: 7)
Dusty Brough – Guitar (Trk: 12)

All compositions and arrangements by Danny Green (Alante Recordings, ASCAP)
Lyrics for Quintal da Solidao bt Rogerio Santos, and for more information visit www.dannygreen.net