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No Reduce, modern and progress jazz

No Reduce, Jaywalkin’

No Reduce -][- JAYWALKIN’ –Mp3– [NWOG Records, 2012]

New York remains the Mecca of Jazz. The magnetism emanating towards curious and reckless jazz musicians throughout the rest of the world is accordingly potent. The helvetic representatives of young Swiss Jazz Christoph Irniger, Raffaele Bossard and Dave Gisler did not lean back after their first pilgrimage to New York, but brought into life a band with exceptional drum talent Nasheet Waits. Their music portrays a mixture of skyscraper euphoria and the existentialism of pavement gorges. Dave Gisler describes the band as follows: “We wanted to form an explosive band, that would let us realise our musical visions while entrancing an audience. -[Excerpt | Biography]-

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