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Manu Dibango saxophonist

Manu Dibango, JOUE SIDNEY

Manu Dibango -][- JOUE SIDNEY BECHET – [Cristal Records, 2012]

A symbol of world music since he travelled all around the world, as well for his music as for his humanitarian actions, Manu Dibango represents the emergence of world music. He likes Gospel which reminds him his childhood and which is the ambassador of the Acid-jazz birth. Lately, his musical nomadism brought him to cooperate with classical orchestras such as the , and more recently with the Orchestra of Paris. 50 years after Manu Dibango started playing music, he comes to his first love of jazz, releasing a tribute album to Sidney Bechet, native to New Orleans bayou.

A tribute to Cousin Sidney’s forgotten music, which is revisited by Manu Dibango in collaboration with vibraphonist Dany Doriz. The music is characterized by tones coming from original instruments, and by interpretations which are full of humor and poetry: from “Petite Fleur” to “Oignons,” a real antidepressant administered by high-level musicians… what bliss!

Release Date: 11/13/2012

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