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Felipe Salles multifaceted woodwind artist composer, arranger and producer

Felipe Salles, DEPARTURE

Felipe Salles -][- DEPARTURE –Mp3– [Tapestry Records, 2012 | Review]

At a glance, our passion for music is driven by individual taste, knowledge, maturity and genre as we wide through this life altering process to satisfy our ongoing hunger for the music we love.

With this release, I’m elated to meet for the first time multifaceted woodwind artist Felipe Salles from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He emerges with a fresh palette of jazz from an international perspective that’s relevant, creative and artistically fruitful yet innovative sound which deepens his imprint on his current offering on Tapestry Records appropriately titled “DEPARTURE” his fifth recording as a leader.

The versatile Salles defines his chivalrous voice by ingeniously incorporating his unwavering spirit within the context of these nine mesmerizing selections beginning with the harmonic signatures woven into the rousing opener aptly title “DEPARTURE” as the springboard to this thought-provoking and stimulating journey.

As composer, arranger and producer Dr. Felipe Salles underscores this relishing tapestry of sounds embodied on “Seagull’s Island.” In fact, advance techniques are employed to exhibit seamless textures, shades and colors graciously allows room for his extraordinary collaborators to explore these unmistakable melodies and rhythmic progressions flawlessly.

The lyrical “Bela’s Reflection” proves why Salles is truly a master composer, he brilliantly interlaces the timeless elements of Brazilian, jazz, classical and pop music to create an eclectic body of what could be easily painted and framed as world-class fusion on this brilliant canvas.

Although he currently lives in New York, Salles also resides as a member of the New World Jazz Composers Octet. On “DEPARTURE” Felipe audaciously knits the fabric of his explorations in music through each song which naturally inhabits the influences of his heritage to perfection with the odd-metered patterns entrenched on “Maractu D’ Orleans” anchored to the melodic nuances outlined on the multi layered “Awaiting.” As a result the melodies are complex, palpable and extremely attractive.

The vibrant symmetry enmeshed in the post-bop influenced “B’ Blues” is definitely what’s up at the sixth spot expands this rich collection of music. Felipe’s style is appealing, infectious and soulful yet his riveting tonality is exactly what my heart and soul moans for musically. At this stage, Felipe confidently switches his instrument, tone and flavor with classical ambiance of “Adagio Triste.” With the appearance of this gem he channels his energy by playing the flute.

Unexpectedly “DEPARTURE” gives me more than enough reasons to search extensively for Felipe Salles previous and future recordings! No question, I’m amazed and fascinated not only by his cohesive playing but his compositional prowess, tenor and arrangements are simply timeless assets to pursue.

Nando Michelin: piano
Keala Kaumeheiwa: bass
Bertram Lehmann: drums and percussion
Laura Arpiainen: violin
Randy Brecker: trumpet
Felipe Salles: tenor and soprano Saxes, flutes, and bass clarinet

Reviewed by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media