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Paulette Dozier, IN WALKED YOU

January 11th – 15th
APAP Conference
New York, NY
DOMENICI Enterprises Inc. Booth #225


“An unforgettable, sultry voice with innovative phrasing that is truly dynamic and exciting. She is a torch singer unparalleled on two continents.” – Nexus Magazine

Paulette Dozier -][- IN WALKED YOU –Mp3– [Pf&E, 2012]

Renowned jazz singer and priceless stage jewel Paulette Dozier returns with the third full-length solo album of her career –the deeply affecting “In Walked You”, set for release on September 8, 2012 from PF&E. Like much of her earlier work, the album highlights a number of unforgettable compositions from the jazz canon, but she makes sure to grace listeners here with the heart-stopping original title track, penned with longtime collaborator Mike Levine.

“In Walked You” is a smoky and heart-stopping exploration of that defining moment in love that can change lives forever. “Let’s keep memories of today for our tomorrows,” Dozier sings. In a sly flourish of sophisticated phrasing and emotional grace, Dozier concocts the kind of complex mood of a masterfully crafted ballad. Dozier has spent a lifetime conjuring those moments. She cut her teeth developing her vocal style and working international dance gigs, later surfing with opportunities to perform with jazz greats like Ira Sullivan and Eddie Higgins. “In Walked You” is rooted in this background.

Paulette Dozier

“The Days of Wine and Roses,” “Just the Way You Are,” “Let’s Fall In Love” – these and more make up a glorious tapestry of classic music for Dozier to sink her teeth into throughout the album, throwing in curve balls like the bitterly upbeat take on the classic “Autumn Leaves.” The unmatched chanteuse flexes her muscle on these cuts – careful listeners will note a new depth and maturity to Dozier’s voice that has crept up through her time working on records like 2007’s “Over and Over Again”. As a special treat, we find here rereleases of two classic Dozier cuts – a 2007 recording of “Together Yet Along,” with a guest solo from Ira Sullivan, and a 2005 recording of Dozier and Levine’s firstever collaboration, “With You.” “In Walked You” showcases a new mastery of the moment – live audiences have always been treated to this particular charm of hers at concert halls and intimate clubs. Now there’s something for everyone to keep “for our tomorrows.”

Paulette Dozier’s work has received acclaim for her international record releases and live performances from New York to Miami and Italy. A recent theatrical run in Florida saw Dozier starring in the acclaimed Billie Holiday biographical tour de force, “Lady Day at the Emerson Bar and Grill.”

She’s done it all. Dozier currently uses her talents for a successful career in commercial modeling, acting, voiceover performing, and coaching. She’s also earned degrees including a Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts from Nova Southeastern University. A true renaissance woman, Dozer is a model for all students of the arts, music, and life, with a varied background that’s left a rare stone unturned. On the new album, In Walked You, she reveals a tenderness, though, from a soul that still lets its guard down now and then. As with so many other moments in her career, the effect is disarming.

Artist’s Website: www.paulettedozier.com

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