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Falb Fiction, Austrian Modern Jazz


Falb Fiction -][- AROUND THE WORLD –Mp3– [Sessionwork Records, 2012]

“FALB FICTION… around the world“ is the third release (Autumn 2012) of the exciting Austrian Jazz Formation FALB FICTION. In 2009 Viola Falb left her hometown Vienna to live abroad for a while and get inspired from other cities and traditions. And FALB FICTION toured a lot in all kind of different countries… all those fascinating impressions of Bangkok, Berlin, Brüssel, Svalbard, Papua New Guinea, Kyrgyzstan, New York, … influenced Viola Falb´s composing and playing a lot, which causes for the audience: a tour around the world.

In the last 6 years, the four musicians of FALB FICTION have blended into a throbbing unit, creating space for open-minded improvisation. New ideas are taken up immediately and are further developed, the soloist is accompanied and supported with diligence, and the so-created tension culminates in joint outbursts of energy.
For this new CD FALB FICTION invited one special guest: Martin Eberle on trumpet.

FALB FICTION was founded in 2004, they released their first CD in 2005 at Jazz Werkstatt Records:

FALB FICTION – „waiting for“ (JWR03/05). This CD was very popular and in 2006 the band wins the EUROPEAN JAZZ NEWCOMER Award in Czech Republic. Two years after the successful debut “waiting for”, the musicians have come together again to record the second CD in March 2008: FALB FICTION – “lost control”. As before, saxophone player and bandleader Viola Falb is in charge of the compositional work. She therefore employs varied and complex compositions, more freedom for improvisation and a mixture of various stylistics.

Falb Fiction Alone Nisville Festival

Viola Falb – saxophone
Philipp Jagschitz – piano
Christian Wendt – bass
Herbert Pirker – drums

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