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Composer and bassist Iris Ornig


Iris Ornig -][- NO RESTRICTIONS –Mp3– [Iris Ornig Music, 2012 | Review]

When the door opens with unlimited opportunity it’s time to evaluate, frame and proceed to explore the possibilities. Composer and bassist Iris Ornig from Germany approaches her sophomore album “NO RESTRICTIONS” with a cadence that’s unparalleled, eclectic and remarkably stimulating volume of imposing originals and covers.

With an extraordinary roster at hand Ornig debut modulates through the passages of varied tones, shapes and textures to carefully blend the niceties on this impressive template of contemporary and straight-ahead sounds opening with understated “Autumn Kiss” combined with the selective yet plush nuances the body of “We Shall Meet beyond the River” featuring pianist Helen Sung.

Venus as a Boy” pen by Bjork reveals another side of her collective yet enterprising voice as an artist. This mid-tempo piece echoes the sentiments of the modern jazz framework features an amazing yet remarkably fluid guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel and gifted trumpeter Michael Rodriguez.

The title track “No Restrictions” inhabits wistfully bits, fragments and pieces of straight ahead and Latin jazz to establish her presence as a promising composer and accurate bassist artfully entangles her voice well within the complexities entailed in the fluidity of another original simply titled “If Anything Goes Wrong.”

It’s no accident this new generation of musicians doesn’t hesitate to implement music by the King of Pop to their challenging and extensive canvas, on this occasion Ornig tastefully re-voices Jackson’s hit “The Way You Make Me Feel” gels perfectly into her opulent, rhythmic and intriguing melodies.

Gate 29” at the seven position interfaces with unhurried interplay by the quintet that is a graceful balance of art meeting fusion bound together without restraints. “Spark of Light” compliments the previous tune by ascending Ornig’s livid voice amid the architects of mainstream jazz embellishes her rich, exceptional and original voicings’ are clearly outlined.

Ornig revisits the exquisite melodies of “No Restrictions” with chapter II, this lush arrangement is articulated by the sober adventures and influences during Iris’s tenure while developing her gift as composer and player after arriving in New York in 2003.

Upright” quietly swings feverishly to wrap up the session of ten encompassing, attractive and unique compositions and arrangements embossed in the form of “NO RESTRICTIONS” compiled by inventive bassist and composer Iris Ornig.

I love old school artist but new artists and composers alike who dare to challenge the fabric of the mainstream are very important to the life and future of the jazz idiom. Therefore, this offering by the ambitious Iris Ornig [“NO RESTRICTIONS”] is one of many reasons why I passionately love and will continue to listen to jazz without apology.

Reviewed by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Michael Rodriguez – trumpet
Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar
Helen Sung – piano
Iris Ornig – bass
Marcus Gilmore – drums

No restriction by Iris Ornig | Video

Produced by Iris Ornig | All compositions except: Venus As A Boy written by Bjork & The Way You Make Me Feel written by Michael Jackson