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Kenny Barron, pianist, composer and arranger

Kenny Barron, SWAMP SALLY

Kenny Barron -][- SWAMP SALLY –Mp3– [Verve, 2012]

This album is quite unique and it deserves your attention even if unfortunately it is out of print actually. Well, if you find it used, you can buy it with confidence. It has been recorded in 1995 and it’s not a common Jazz album with piano, double bass and drums. Here you have the fantastic Kenny Barron at the piano obviously, but he plays keyboards and double bass too and the incredible Mino Cinelu who plays a lot of different instruments (mandolin, banjo, guitar, keys, drums, percussions, additional sounds effects … and he sings too in a couple of tune). It is a collaboration of these two artists exclusively. The result is a very strange album, very entertaining and incredibly well played and written. The world of this album is surely Jazz, but there a lot of different flavours inside that take the music here and there. -[Excerpt: Jazzcat | Customer Review | Amazon]-

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