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Phillippe Saisse pianist, keyboardist, composer and producer


Philippe Saisse -][- Dorian’s First Christmas –Mp3– [Dorian 2000 Music, 2012]

No other Christmas celebration will ever have as big an impact on our family as Christmas 2004. Its particular significance was due to the fact that it was the first that our son Dorian really became aware of Santa Claus, making the list, checking it twice, mailing it.

The look on his face come Christmas morning was out of this world: his expression of total disbelief at the sight of all the gifts he had on his list was truly something that no other Holiday Season will ever inspire. We will never see that look of utter bewilderment. That moment was so moving that I strolled down to my studio (which in those days was in the basement of our house) and started playing the piano, tunes inspired by the feeling of Christmas as seen through our son’s eyes.

That year Dorian’s present to us was made as a school project: a picture cd complete with cover art with a picture cd that each child had done in class. After opening the package I gasped when I saw Dorian’s most perfect album cover. That was the miracle that jumpstarted the whole process: the album you hold in your hands includes the original artwork of Dorian’s school project from 2004 in its new design by Yayoi Otani.

Unfortunately it got lost in the shuffle of reality settling in right after the Holidays. Every attempt to eventualize the project and making it into a real album to be released was met with one obstacle after another. Timing was never right (“you do not want your Xmas record to compete with your Trio record!”) or else, the contents were never right (“Who EVER made a Christmas record with ORIGINAL tunes!”)

Forward to 8 years later and a move to California, we are now celebrating Christmas Eve 2012. I was determined not to let another year go by with it not being heard.

There you have it: 11 original Carols, 4 new arrangements of old favorites, all inspired by the beautiful face of my son staring at the presents filled tree on that morning of December 25, 2004. Hopefully, this record will be a reminder of times spent with loved ones, celebrating a child’s innocence, joy and wonderment.

Calabasas, 2012 -[Album Notes: CDBaby]-

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