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Claus Waidtløw saxophonist and composer

Claus Waidtløw Quartet, FLAVOURS

Claus Waidtløw Quartet -][- FLAVOURS –Mp3– [Gateway Music, 2012]

At first known as an alto saxophonist, but today he primarily plays the tenor saxophone.

Since his appearance on the scene, he has been a much wanted sideman and his playing can be heard on more than 50 CD´s.

First CD in his own name, Claustrophobia (Stunt Rec.), was released in 1997.

In 2005 he released From the Story Book (Calibrated Rec.) with his new band Claus Waidtløw Group.

In 2001 Waidtløw – together with piano player Nikolaj Hess and drummer Morten Lund – recorded Back and Forth (Music Mecca) in New York, with the great American bass player Christian McBride.

Also in 2001 he toured in Denmark with the American organ and piano player Sam Yahel. -[Excerpt | Biography ‘Translated’]-

Release Date: December 6, 2012

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