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Greeting’s everyone, I can’t believe that I almost missed out on this beautiful record by one of the best in the business vocalist Lori Williams. Nonetheless, it’s better late then never! I’m elated to invite you to feast your ears on her amazing, soulful and jazz influenced album appropriately titled “Eclipse of the Soul.” –Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Lori Williams vocalist and songwriter

Lori Williams, Eclipse of the Soul

Lori Williams -][- Eclipse of the Soul –Mp3– [Pacific Coast Jazz, 2012]

“Lori Williams is a lot more than just a singer, songwriter, and performer. If you were to judge her on these things alone, you would have to conclude you where dealing with one of the finest artists of our era, an eventual legend and, I have no doubt, time will prove me right. I think music aficionados who listen to this project will agree that these tracks step her toward this destiny. Let me add a little fuel to this fire. Lori’s lead vocal recording is all original – no vocal overdubs, no re-tracking, and almost no vocal fixes (come on… no one is perfect). When we recorded the material, I had her record “scratch vocals” with the intent of throwing them out and recording the REAL lead vocals later (as is customary). Well, that’s NOT what happened… you are listening to the unaltered scratch vocal.

Now I don’t mean to insult anyone’s intelligence; but everything we listen to these days has been altered, fixed, produced, tracked, squeezed, tuned and composited TO DEATH!! NOT this recording. This is the real deal; and that makes this recording astounding because even if all the usual stuff was done, it would be a great CD. The honesty of this recording moves it into the amazing column. Not only is the lead vocal honest, but so is the rest of the recording. In fact, it’s only a hair away from being totally live. Many songs are the first take. -[Biography | Excerpt]-

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