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Featuring pianist Chris Donnelly, Dan Fortin on bass and Ernesto Cervini on the drums, Myriad

Myriad3, TELL

Myriad 3 -][- TELL –Mp3– [ALMA Records, 2102 | Review]

We’re near the end of the year and new music continues to be unveiled and beckons the hungry souls of music aficionados. In this case, to my surprise Myriad 3 a robust trio of young, accomplished and talented musicians from Toronto, Canada landed at my door step and immediately harnesses my attention with their spontaneous, extraordinary and determined collection of improvised music aptly titled “TELL” now available on ALMA Records.

With eleven tracks on hand, this in demand trio serves up an inviting, genuine and intricate palette of stimulating original compositions. The group opens the session with “Myriad,” this wonderful piece swells with a vigorous range of focused harmonics, vitality and entrancing nuances underscored by their uncanny symmetry balanced in this body generally acquainted with the art of fusing the miscellanies of classical, rock and jazz seamlessly as one.

“Fractured” follows to compliment the previous to assure us that there’s a genius on board his name is Chris Donnelly, his anomalous chords are angular, bending and aligned evenly as he channels his touch to perfection with generous accompaniment by his cohorts as they adapt quickly to expand the mood with more than sufficient interplay.

The third selection “For the Dreamers” showcases’ the trio’s improvisational skills as this darken beauty develops gradually with their concise and provocative playing is alarmingly transparent yet pulsating. Next up, the trio taps into their collective jazz voice to score and play effortlessly on the swingin’ and vivacious pulse of “C Jam Blues.”

Donnelly notes: “recording sessions will sometimes feel like rehearsals.” While listening to virtually most recordings, with this tune you’ll discover this trio’s time spent rehearsing is paying off especially as their gradual accents materialize and focused intensity woven into the fabric of “Disturbing Inspiration [Part I]” you’ll see this is definitely worth the price of admission. In the meantime, the energy tastefully manifests within the framework on the explosive [>Part II] of this remarkable piece.

Inscribed in stone on this amazing template you’ll find the title track “TELL,” this piece inhabits and explores the wealth of shared ideas and strength of these accomplished players without losing their flexibility as artists. Throughout this melodically challenging body of work this audacious trio envisioned another dynamic piece called “Drifters,” you’ve heard I’m sure this winning formula executed time and again. It’s not just by happenstance these guys shape it with their resonating voices to broaden this canvas to outer edge.

The infallible voice of Myriad 3 latest “TELL,” is masterfully scored, melodically adventurous and played brilliantly by this gifted threesome. After all, why settle for less that’s what we want and expect as music lovers. For those of you who are fearless and willing to invite a insightful measure of jazz, rock and classical idioms into your living space I say go for it you’ll be thrilled what awaits you on “TELL.”

–Reviewed by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Chris Donnelly: piano
Dan Forlin: bass
Ernesto Cervini: drums

Produced by Peter Cardinali