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Progressive, Improvisation

Paradoxical Frog, UNION

Paradoxical Frog -][- UNION –Mp3– [Clean Feed Records, 2012]

This exciting trio sees drummer Tyshawn Sorey, pianist Kris Davis and reedist Ingrid Laubrock, all extremely thoughtful and engaging composer-improvisers, join forces.

The group started at a session Kris Davis called. They played for about and hour and Tyshawn Sorey suggested to turn it into collaboration. They have developed an almost telepathic way of interacting really deconstruct and improvise with the sometimes long and involved compositions. Everything is possible and each one of them is kept on his/her toes all the time.

All three musicians contribute their own unmistakable compositions to the group’s sound. “AllAboutJazz” has described their unique interplay as “a taut set, as if they’d agreed to avoid the easy way to make a fire and instead rubbed sticks telekinetically”. -[::: estrugamng.com :::]-