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Steve Kuhn, Trance

Steve Kuhn -][- TRANCES –MP3 – [ECM, 1974]

This album has inexplicably been omitted from the ECM release schedule in Europe and the US – thankfully the Japanese have done us the favour of reissuing this classic ECM album, recorded around 1975. It features Jack De Johnette on drums, Steve Swallow on electric bass, Sue Evans on percussion, and of course Steve Kuhn on piano and electric piano.

The title track has a hypnotic opening with a simple piano tune and a pulsing bass line, and evolves into a lush and romantic showpiece for Kuhn’s piano. A couple of tracks are more fusion oriented, with the electric piano featuring prominently. One of these, “Something Everywhere”, has a Latin flavour. Other pieces are much more Avante Garde. The last track on the album is a strange little piece featuring the voice of presumably Steve Kuhn, telling a little story – it’s a fascinating end to a varied and lovely album. -[P. Christie | Customer Review | Amazon]

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