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Collecting Art, African American

Basically, art collecting should be fun and eventful endeavor. What are you attracted to visually, colors, shapes, portraits, abstract, still life, figurative and textures? As you grow, you’ll see your taste transition beyond the scope of your mother or fathers taste and buying habits. It’s imperative to gain knowledge and soon you’ll find yourself seeing Art beyond your childhood imagination as you inevitably become “Adventurous” and forward thinking collector.

By visiting “Avisca Fine Art,” you’ll discover the essential tools needed to enhance your knowledge and gain a fresh perspective of collecting art.


  • AviscaFineArt: [Fine Art, Extensive International Collection and learn about Art Collecting]
  • GrandpasArt: [Grandpasart offers Fine Black
    Art featuring artists …]
  • African Art World: [African American Art, Black Framed Art Delivered To Your Door]
  • [The largest and most affordable Art shop online]
  • Artisan Arts Online: [Main lines include Art, collectibles, gifts, home decor and unique hand crafted creations from all parts of the globe.]
  • Ebony Graphics: [African American Art Superstore]
  • Harlem Fine Arts: [The annual Harlem Fine Arts Show is a fine art exposition and sale showcasing contemporary works that reflect African Diasporic visual culture.]
  • National Black Arts Festival: [NBAF presents The International Marketplace at Centennial Olympic Park in the heart downtown Atlanta, Thursday, July 12, through Sunday, July 15, 2012.]


  • Annie Lee: [One of the premeire female artists in the world]
  • April Harrison: [Emerging as not only a new artist but one to keep a close eye on]
  • Charles Bibbs: [An artistic genius educated in and a native of Los Angeles Bay Area, Charles Bibbs creates his special brand of stylized art capturing the attention of art enthusiasts around the world.]
  • Kerream Jones: [Intimate in scale and sensual in content, Jones has created an aesthetically captivating body of work saturated in a world of dusty browns, earthy reds and celestial blues and infused with melodic underpinnings.]
  • James Denmark: [Denmark’s collages, watercolors, woodcuts and reproductions are consistently and eagerly sought after by galleries and collectors worldwide.]
  • Cbabi Bayoc: [The Bayoc studio is comprised of two individuals: Cbabi (pronounced KUH-BOBBY) and Reine (pronounced RAIN) Bayoc. Just as their logo implies, they’ve got each other’s back. But who are they.]
  • LaShun Beal: [A self-taught artist. Beal’s subject matter seems to revolve around female characters.]
  • RobertSkipHill: [Primarily a self-taught Hill broadened his amazing gift by studying under the Native American conceptual artist Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds and abstract painter George Bogart at the University of Oklahoma]
  • Frank Morrison: [One need take only a cursory view/examination of his portfolio or his work ‘en gallery’ to find that his power and inspiration are products of his deeply religious grounding and his loving commitment to his family.]
  • Edith Peterson: [Peterson draws and paints with African inspired visions, stunning landscapes and portraits.]
  • Laura James: [Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, Laura James is a self-taught painter of Antiguan heritage. Working as a professional artist and illustrator for almost twenty years]
  • Rudolphus Thorpe: [Nationally known by art connoisseurs for his breathtaking “Sculptured Paintings,” fine artist Rudolphus Thorpe is no stranger to the art world.]
  • Synthia Saint James: [Synthia SAINT JAMES, international award winning artist and designer of the first United States Postal Stamp for the Kwanzaa holiday …]
  • Kevin A. Williams [WAK]: [His destination is a place where more African-Americans will appreciate, own and even create fine art that honors their rich heritage and hope filled destiny.]
  • M. Gibson: [The Gibster have garnered a host of prestigious awards in such notable shows as the 60th Artist Annual at The Butler Institute of American Art.]
  • Maurice Evans: [Heavily influenced by music, his series of paintings entitled, “The Colour of Jazz”, although contemporary, tends to remind the viewer of a time when jazz was paramount.]
  • Larry Bacon: Mixed Media Artist [Visual Artist & Graphic Designer | Alexandria, VA]

As time permits, please check out this amazing performance artist named David Garibaldi.

Garibaldi | Performance Painter from David Garibaldi on Vimeo.

The graphic used in the blog logo is titled “Carnal Blues” by the prolific Charles Bibbs. The featured banner concept was customized with a visually funky theme in mind by yours truly.

Rob Young | The Urban Flux [.. is jazz with abstract xpressions shaped by vibrant and unique voices!]

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