Etymology of Jazz

etymology of jazz

What is Jazz? Of course, the answer depends on who you talk too about it. The elements of swing, bop, improvised, cool, fusion, contemporary and smooth has flowed from the lips of jazz lovers for decades. Jazz from its inception has been referred to as “America’s Classical music,” or even “Afro American Classic” music in some circles. With that said, it depends of course on our background culturally, economically, and educationally or whether or not it’s retrofitted into the time period we were first introduced to this music will probably determine what our perspective about what jazz is to us.

Consider this, after having a plethora of conversations with friends and variety of other people over the years it appears to me mainstream music enthusiast in general [particularly these days] have difficultly finding Jazz relevant to their lifestyle. Regardless of their reason, there is absolutely no right or wrong answer about this ongoing issue. As I see it, there are several factors to consider: “education at home [parents, uncles, aunts, grandpa and grandmother], media [radio “more diversity in programming choices”] and of course public/private school institutions” are all positive outlets to evoke curiosity about this infallible music I dearly love called jazz.

At your leisure, you can find out more about Jazz by following the resource(s) listed below from around the web:

  • All [Explore various genres related to Jazz]
  • Wikipedia: [Free encyclopedia]
  • Jazzistry [Jazz History Timeline]: [Vincent York, a leading national jazz musician, created Jazzistry as an educational program…]
  • History of Jazz: [While musician and songwriter Clarence Williams takes credit for the term by declaring that he was the first to ever use the word “jazz” in a song.]
  • Jazz by Ken Burns:
  • Downbeat Magazine: Downbeat Magazine
  • Smithsonian Jazz: [The National Museum of American History offers audio, video and text; oral histories, artists, videos, portraits and concert program notes.]
  • Harlem: [Art Kane’s August 1958 photograph of 57 jazz musicians for names of those pictured, or browse by timeline, instrument, or style.]
  • New Orleans Jazz:[A story rich with innovation, experimentation, controversy and emotion, the park provides an ideal setting to share the cultural history of the people and places]
  • Basinstreet: [online in 1994 by Dr. Karl Koenig, Ph.D, and is dedicated to the preservation of early jazz history]
  • Swingmusic:
  • Jazz History Database: [Musicians, Events, Media, and Collections “Visual Arts”]
  • All About Jazz: [Covers the full spectrum of Jazz]
  • JazzTimes: [Magazine or Online]
  • Jazziz:
  • Smoothjazz: [A vast catalog of articles, and reviews about this style]

Moreover, I sincerely appreciate all of you who continue to persevere during this movement ascending in the right direction. As you know, it’s very important for us to keep the coals stoked and flames of jazz burning from within the body, heart and soul of musicians, industry movers & shakers and fans alike must do all we can to keep this music alive!

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