Takuya Kuroda Sextet -][- SIX ACES – [Takuya Kuroda, 2012] –


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Takuya Kuroda trumpet, composer and bandleader

akuya Kuroda Sextet, SIX ACES

Takuya Kuroda Sextet -][- SIX ACES –Mp3– [Takuya Kuroda, 2012]

With his brilliant tone and soulful, passionate delivery, it’s no wonder that young Japanese trumpeter Takuya Kuroda continues to thrive in New York City, the world’s most competitive arena for live performance. Originally from Kobe, Takuya came to the U.S. in 2003 to study at the New School Jazz and Contemporary Music Program. Since arriving to New York, he has become a fixture on the working musician scene, performing alongside living legends (Junior Mance, Terumasa Hino), acknowledged masters (Greg Tardy, Francisco Mela, Pino Palladino) and the rising stars of his generation (Jose James, Ben Williams, Kris Bowers, Jamire Williams). Takuya can be seen and heard performing at music festivals worldwide (Java Jazz, Rio Das Ostras, River to River, Vitoria Jazz) and at some of the most important venues for live performance in the country (The Blue Note, The Jazz Standard, Radio City Music Hall, The Village Underground). -[Album Notes | CDBaby]-

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Miguel Zenón -][- JIBARO – [Marsalis Music, 2005] –


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Miguel Zenón saxophonist, composer and bandleader

Miguel Zenón, JIBARO

Miguel Zenón -][- Jíbaro –Mp3– [Marsalis Music, 2005]

Want to hear The Next Big Thing from young jazz practitioners? Look no farther. Miguel Zenón is it.

He’s got it all: monster chops on alto sax; a deeply delved folkloric compositional concept (indeed, he’s the Edward Simon of Puerto Rico, with this disc doing for him what La Bikina did for Simon); bandleading acumen far beyond his tender years; and that je ne sais quoi that serendipitously graces fortunate musicians every now and again.

The comparison to Edward Simon seems most apposite to these ears. Just as Simon has been able to evoke the deepest strains of Venezuelan folk musics on his handful of remarkable discs, so Zenón has done with indigenous Puerto Rican musics on this disc. Indeed, some of the numbers sound as if they could be right off of Simon’s La Bikina (e.g., “Punto Cubano,” and “Alguinaldo,” which just goes to show, I suppose, the deep affinity the various Latin musics have with each other). That’s fine by me, as La Bikina is one of my all-time favorite discs. Another apt comparison might be Egberto Gismonti and Northern Brazilian Indian music. Or again, Omar Sosa and what he’s done with Cuban folk music. -[::: Jan P. Dennis | Customer Review | Amazon.com :::]-

Urban Flux Presents: featured artist of the week Robert ‘Skip’ Hill



Robert ‘Skip’ Hill -][- Atieno Dreams of LaScala [Acrylic/collage on canvas]

Robert 'Skip' Hill, artist

Robert ‘Skip’ Hill, Atieno Dreams of LaScala

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Stanley Cowell -][- IT’S TIME – [SteepleChase, 2012] –


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Stanley Cowell, pianist, composer and bandleader, Oberlin College Conservatory

Stanley Cowell, IT’S TIME

Stanley Cowell -][- IT’S TIME –Mp3– [SteepleChase, 2012]

An excellent modern, mainstream pianist who is adaptable to many acoustic jazz settings, Stanley Cowell has long been underrated except among knowing musicians. He studied the piano from the time he was four, and Art Tatum made an early impact. After attending Oberlin College Conservatory and the University of Michigan, Cowell (who had played with Rahsaan Roland Kirk while at Oberlin) moved to New York in 1966. He played regularly with Marion Brown (1966-1967), Max Roach (1967-1970), and the Bobby Hutcherson-Harold Land quintet (1968-1971).

In the early ’70s, Cowell worked in Music Inc. with Charles Tolliver, and they co-founded the label Strata East. He played regularly with the Heath Brothers during 1974-1983, and since 1981 has been a busy jazz educator. Cowell has recorded as a leader for Arista-Freedom (1969), ECM (1972), Strata East, Galaxy, Unisson, DIW, Concord, and SteepleChase. –[::: iTunes.apple.com | Biography :::]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Jeremy Pelt -][- WATER & EARTH – [High Note Records, 2013] –


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Jeremy Pelt, trumpet, composer and bandleader

Jeremy Pelt, WATER & EARTH

Jeremy Pelt -][- WATER & EARTH – [High Note Records, 2013]

From his first professional gig with the Mingus band through his 10 CDs as a leader, Pelt has maintained remarkable forward momentum. His bands have been lauded for their intense interplay which calls to mind Wayne Shorter and Tony Williams.

It is the spirit 1969-70 Miles Davis that is conjured with this, Jeremy’s 2013 ensemble recording. Using some electronics – including Rhodes, Prophet and trumpet effects – the band defies categorization and, in Jeremy’s words, “isn’t about a change in direction as much as it’s about strengthening my commitment to my art at present.” -[::: Editorial Review | Amazon.com :::]-

Track Listings
1. Reimagine the World
2. Mystique
3. In Dreams
4. Boom Bishop
5. Meditations on a Conversation We Had
6. Stay
7. Pieces of a Dream
8. Prior Convictions
9. Butterfly Dreams

Steve Kuhn -][- TRANCES – [ECM, 1974]


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Steve Kuhn, Trance

Steve Kuhn -][- TRANCES –MP3 – [ECM, 1974]

This album has inexplicably been omitted from the ECM release schedule in Europe and the US – thankfully the Japanese have done us the favour of reissuing this classic ECM album, recorded around 1975. It features Jack De Johnette on drums, Steve Swallow on electric bass, Sue Evans on percussion, and of course Steve Kuhn on piano and electric piano.

The title track has a hypnotic opening with a simple piano tune and a pulsing bass line, and evolves into a lush and romantic showpiece for Kuhn’s piano. A couple of tracks are more fusion oriented, with the electric piano featuring prominently. One of these, “Something Everywhere”, has a Latin flavour. Other pieces are much more Avante Garde. The last track on the album is a strange little piece featuring the voice of presumably Steve Kuhn, telling a little story – it’s a fascinating end to a varied and lovely album. -[P. Christie | Customer Review | Amazon]

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Paradoxical Frog -][- UNION – [Clean Feed Records, 2012] –


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Progressive, Improvisation

Paradoxical Frog, UNION

Paradoxical Frog -][- UNION –Mp3– [Clean Feed Records, 2012]

This exciting trio sees drummer Tyshawn Sorey, pianist Kris Davis and reedist Ingrid Laubrock, all extremely thoughtful and engaging composer-improvisers, join forces.

The group started at a session Kris Davis called. They played for about and hour and Tyshawn Sorey suggested to turn it into collaboration. They have developed an almost telepathic way of interacting really deconstruct and improvise with the sometimes long and involved compositions. Everything is possible and each one of them is kept on his/her toes all the time.

All three musicians contribute their own unmistakable compositions to the group’s sound. “AllAboutJazz” has described their unique interplay as “a taut set, as if they’d agreed to avoid the easy way to make a fire and instead rubbed sticks telekinetically”. -[::: estrugamng.com :::]-

Kendrick Scott ORACLE -][- CONVICTION – [Concord Jazz, 2013] –


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KENDRICK SCOTT drummer, composer and bandleader


Kendrick Scott ORACLE -][- CONVICTION – [Concord Jazz, 2013]

With the 2007 release of The Source – his debut recording as a leader – drummer and composer Kendrick Scott established a reputation right out of the gate as an explorer, someone with a generous measure of wisdom and insight to counterbalance his youth and newcomer status.

Nearly six years later, Scott and his band continue to dig beneath the surface to find the deeper truths in Conviction, their new CD scheduled for release on Concord Jazz on March 26, 2013 (international release dates may vary). As the title suggests, Conviction is the vehicle by which Kendrick and company look past the mundane and examine the motivating forces that propel us through life, even in those times when the greater truths are obscured by the tedium of the everyday. Continue reading

Pamela Williams -][- CHRISTMAS WITH THE SAXTRESS – [Saxtress Entertainment, 2012]-


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Pamela Williams saxophonist and songwriter

Pamela Williams, Christmas With The Saxstress

Pamela Williams -][- CHRISTMAS WITH THE SAXTRESS –Mp3– [Saxtress Entertainment, 2012]

Pamela Williams music and saxophone style has enchanted many listeners for years. Since she debuted her first CD in 1996, she has had Billboard-charting success with several of her nine CDs. Pamela Williams is undoubtedly, one of the most popular performers on today’s smooth jazz scene. And now she has recorded a long-awaited Christmas CD. She adds her distinct sound and jazzy flavor to some of the most popular Christmas songs ever recorded.

Pamela Williams is not only an incredible saxophonist, she plays flute, piano, as is a very well-respected producer, which definitely contributes to her unique style. Her fans have requested a CD like this from her for years and it is finally here! “Christmas With The Saxtress” is a must have in your music collection.

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