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It all started back in 1978, when my father brought home this LP for me, the debut album by a brand new band, including some ex-pupils of the school he taught in: it was called “Shake That Boogie-Woogie”. They called themselves the “Mojo Blues Band”, and that was it for me – as soon as the record-player’s needle lifted up at the end of the record, I started it back from the beginning.

So much for the good-old “boogie-woogie epiphany” so many young players experience. And if I told you that back then, when I was starting out, I never dreamt of playing with musicians of the calibre that perform on this CD, maybe that would sound nice and humble, and like a very obvious thing to say – the only trouble is: it wouldn’t be true.

In fact, I always dreamt of playing with musicians able and willing to offer everything they have, from wherever they may have picked it up from – whether it be from years of playing this specific style of music, or from interaction with jazz, classical, tango, cabaret, etc… -[Excerpt | Biography]-

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